At Lebario, you will find a strategic partner that can offer you advice and support in helping you develop your project.

We offer clients a bespoke service using precision products.


Large moulds / Power train / Structural parts


We design and produce precision moulds for aluminium and magnesium injection for machines up to 4,500 tonnes. We specialise in high quality, complex precision moulds.


At Lebario, we work primarily for the automotive sector, specialising in producing high-quality, complex parts for powertrain systems, from the gearbox to the engine.


Drawing on a wealth of experience, we have created a specialist department that focusses on the development, production and plug & play maintenance of moulds for engine block parts.


Thanks to our investment in research and development, working closely alongside our clients, we have been able to begin to produce significant structural components, capitalising on new technological advances to fine-tune the production process.

Injection + X-ray + 3D scanning + metal composites + hardness


Our global reach has allowed us to develop control systems and tests that allow us to deliver very specific, high-quality products that meet customer demands across the world.

We can offer a guarantee on products before they are even delivered, thanks to a specialist team of technicians, that during the injection process, work alongside the client to ensure that accurate testing.

e take an active process in ensuring that products are correctly registered, adopting 3D scanning methods of measurement, as well as analysing the quality of injected materials (metallurgy and porosity).

Servicing, adjustments and repair of spare parts


At Lebario, we manage and oversee the entire cycle of the production process of moulds, offering clients a bespoke service at every stage of production.
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