We are constantly developing new technologies, processes and products in order to offer solutions that allow us to adapt to the new situations that will arise in the near future.


Our aim is always to offer a technological differential with respect to our competitors.

Investment in R&D&I

We invest in R&D&I with a variety of projects carried out in a planned manner:
• Intelligent Mould
• R&D&I Test Cell
• Development of Nano-reinforced Steels
• Magnesium Technological Opportunities

We are leaders in quality

The main technologies we develop are:
• Over-injection of metallic inserts
• Vacuum process optimisation
• Semi-solid compression technology (squeeze cast)
• Thermal injection optimisation
• Simulation
• Sensorisation

New materials

We explore new materials, always with the support of technology centres and complementary companies, which allow our customers to be more competitive:
• Ultra-duration moulds
• Hypermoulds
• Nano-reinforced moulds

Global solution

We have succeeded in optimising our production process to achieve very competitive levels, in order to offer a global solution to the market.


Our international stature has led to us developing all the control and testing systems that allow us to guarantee the delivery of the product according to the specifications required by our customers all over the world in terms of both quality and process conditions.

We guarantee that the product meets requirements before delivery thanks to a team specialised in the injection process which, in collaboration with the customer, ensures that the tests are carried out under real process conditions.

We are involved in the product approval phase, using measurement systems (CMM-3D Scanner) as well as all the control equipment that allow us to analyse the quality of the injected material (metallurgy and porosity).